About Us

Who We Are

The Initiative for Strategic Volunteer Engagement is a joint effort of funders and nonprofits to transform the future of volunteerismWe believe in the power of volunteers to expand impact and maximize mission accomplishment.

Through practical and research-informed tools and resources, the Initiative for Strategic Volunteer Engagement inspires nonprofits to intentionally engage their volunteer networks and funders to further invest in strategic volunteer engagement. 

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About Strategic Volunteer Engagement

Strategic Volunteer Engagement recognizes volunteers as a vital asset of any organization and critical to its ability to advance its mission and accomplish its goals.

Strategic Volunteer Engagement is a framework that intentionally supports nonprofit organizations in maximizing volunteer experiences.

Why does Strategic Volunteer Engagement matter?

Strategic Volunteer Engagement is a shared responsibility between Funders and the organizations they fund (Non-profits). It’s good grant-making, and it’s good business. Research shows a strong connection between organizations that operate with volunteer engagement as a core strategy for mission accomplishment and the overall health and effectiveness of the organization.

Initiative Partners

Funding partners include The Leighty Foundation, The Lodestar Foundation, VolunteerMatch, The National Alliance for Volunteer Engagement, and UJA Federation of New York, with technical assistance provided by Independent Sector.

Initiative Co-Directors

Jeff Glebocki​

Betsy McFarland​